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Please make it possible to save music on SD Card. It's very bad to just save on The internal memory.
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As long as you have more free space on the SD card than in internal memory, all you need to do is delete the cache from spotify settings page, log back in  and listen to or download some music. The cache should be created on the external SD card.

Hey Joe,


This is still very frustrating for me - I've really tried following all the steps given and it still doesn't work. I have 7.5Gb free in my SD card and 3.2Gb free on the internal memory, and yet, no ammount of reinstalls, clearing cahcés, restarting the phjone in any combinations seems to do the trick. I'm using an Xperia Z1, so I'm not able to remove the battery, although given all the attempts I'm hard pressed to imagine it'd make a difference. The app should have a manual way of choosing file locations, after all, I can think of a couple of situations where the automated way would be a nuisance.


If I drag the folders between memories would it work? Is there a manual procedure which I could use?

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