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SD card storage - unreliable, and so spotify - unreliable.

SD card storage - unreliable, and so spotify - unreliable.

It's a massive issue to me, Vodafone don't give me unlimited data so I try to have my frequently listened music stored offline. I only like high quality audio (obviously). Lost count of how many times I've had to do a complete uninstall just to get it storing to the SD card and not internal memory. I've only got to update the app to have everything stored offline erased and repeat the long patience testing process. other things can also cause my offlined content to disappear, resetting my phone for example. Highly annoying - love the app, but absolutely hate this issue. HTC one m8
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I have uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify three tims on my Motorola Moto G phone.  The phone itself has slightly less than 5Gb available memory, but I have installed a 32Gb SD card.  And despite following the instructions to get music to be stored/saved to the SD card, Spotify continues to use 3.5Gb of the 5Gb available, making using other applications either difficult or impossible.


It is a great service and a great product, but unless something happens to allow me to use it on an SD card, I fear I will need to stop using Spotify as it is paralysing my phone.

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