SD music to main android path.

SD music to main android path.

Hi, new one here, have a cuestion, I downloaded some of my playlist in my old phone (Xperia Z3), have an 128Gb SD card and the music offline goes there, rigth now, I have a Galaxy S6 Edge, this phone doesn't have an SD card tray.


So theres a way to copy the files of my SD card to a path on my main Android path or were else, just to not download the same thing again?


Thaks for the help, and by the way what a **bleep**y app! Sorry but its the truth. 

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Unfortunately not, each application install generates a new encryption key.

The downloaded files on one device will be encrypted with a different key than your new device, so copying across would make the Spotify app show corruption.

I'm afraid you need to redownload your files.

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Ok so I´m screw! Thank you for your help! 

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