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[SOLVED] App locks and then reboots phone

[SOLVED] App locks and then reboots phone

Two days ago i decided to reinstall Spotify after trying out other services for a couple of months, but i found out that the latest version on the Play Store was hanging and then rebooting my phone (Alcatel 6033 with Android 4.1). At first i got it working using an old APK (2.6) that i found using Google, but as i have enabled automatic updates, the app was getting updated over and over again forcing me to reinstall 2.6.


Today i took time to check my phone logs with logcat and found out that i was getting some errors with my bluetooth adapter, so here's what did the trick for me.


1. Turn off completely your phone.

2. If you can, take out your phone battery for a couple of seconds.

3. Turn on your phone.

4. Here's the trick. Inmediately after your phone boot and before opening any other app, turn bluetooth on.

5. Launch Spotify and surprise! latest version is working.


After i did those steps, i've turned bluetooth off and on several times and rebooted my phone and the issue seems to be gone.


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