[SOLVED] Unable to play songs with my premium account.


[SOLVED] Unable to play songs with my premium account.



Premium Family Plan


North America (USA) 



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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My Question or Issue

 I'm unable to play 105 songs (of 140) in a playlist that I've had since early March on the app. I haven't checked to see if they work on PC or not yet but it works perfectly fine on my Ps4. If I have a working song playing and tap one that doesn't work, the bar at the bottom of the screen with the artist and title disappears and nothing plays. It's only for this one playlist of mine too. I can't even go to the artist's album to listen to the songs. My wifi works great so that shouldn't be the issue and I have plenty of storage room. My phone also reset a few days ago and that didn't do much of anything.


Things I've done to try to solve this:

1. Uninstall then reinstall Spotify 

2. Redownload the playlist

3. Delete cache

4. Create a new playlist with all of the songs


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


Not entirely sure if this will help but a few songs I'm unable to play are:

The Lowdown - The Bad Chapter

chateau - Blackbear

Don't You Dare Forget the Sun - Get Scared

Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood

All Time Low - Jon Bellion 

XO - eden


I'll update this if I fix it myself.



I'm still unable to listen to those 105 songs. I did, however, remember something before this happened.

I was using a weird version of the app where you could choose which songs to not play (I'll add a screenshot). The songs unavailable to me are unavailable on any playlist they are on.

Is there any way that me setting my playlist to not play these songs in the (what I assume is a) beta update version of the app could have stuck when I was added to a premium plan?



I fixed it myself. All I had to do was save the songs to my library. I can remove them and still listen to the songs. Thanks to literally no one, this community sucks.

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Re: [SOLVED] Unable to play songs with my premium account.


Hi @Haised, welcome to our Spotify Community!


We're sorry you feel that way. However, we're glad that everything was solved from your end. 


If you ever need anything else, let us know. 


Take care 🙂