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Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T

Everytime that I try to access Spotify from the andriod app it wont let me get past the screen talking about data usage... I press ok then the same message reappears everytime and it wont even let me use the app... This needs to be fixed proto 🙂 

I love the app but cant even use it now 😞

4 Replies

Try re-installing app or check Internet settings.

how can you say this is solved?   The app doesn't work.  On first install, crashed just after login.   Upon reinstall ("the solution"), it went into an infinite loop and just kept showing the data popup over and over.  Back to crash after login after restall two.

Robsalzman - Are you using the app from Google Play, or our preview app? If you're not using the preview app, give it a go:

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Some ides:


  • Make it possible to search for synced/local tracks while in offline mode. Alternatively, add a playlist filter function.
  • Make it possible to see and edit the play-queue.
  • Changes made to the shuffle and repeat settings (on the now-playing page) are reseted when the user exits the app. Maybe they could be saved between sessions...?
  • When playing a local file which is not linked to a spotify track, nothing happens when the user presses the artist/album icon (on the now-playing page's menu). Maybe the artist/album icons shouldn't be visible if the track is not linked to a spotify track.

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