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Samsung Galaxy S 3 does not show up in desktop client for syncing

Samsung Galaxy S 3 does not show up in desktop client for syncing

I am a premium member and my Galaxy S3 will not show up on my devices tab in the desktop client. I am trying to sync a few local songs to my phone and whenever i press the song on my phone I get a "track is not available" message. Both devices are on the same wifi network as well.


I have tried reseting wifi on both devices, restarting both devices, updating the app, putting exceptions in the firewall, and turning the firewall on and off. Nothing seems to work and all the other posts I've looked at have had no solution that worked for me. Any ideas?

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Is uPnP enabled in your routers settings?

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I live in a college dorm, I dont have access to the router. Although, my phone will occasionally show up in the devices tab, just very rarely.

The only reliable fix will be to set up an adhoc wireless network. You'll find plenty of guides on how to do this on Google or from a search in the community. The important thing, once you have created the adhoc network, is to make sure that both your PC and your mobile device are connected to it.

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