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Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find a similar question/answer anywhere.  I just switched to Android yesterday after years of iPhone so have almost no knowledge of how it operates.


The issue I have had is that when I let the screen timeout or lock on my Samsung Galaxy S8 when I am listening to Spotify, it stops itself and I have to reactivate the screen and press Play again.  Further to this, the volume mutes itself and I have to manually turn it back up.  So I either have to sit with my phone in my hand the entire commute or deal with it not even lasting the duration of a single song without me having to deal with the rigmarole I already described. 


Are there any fixes for this?  I have looked at the settings for Spotify etc and even played around with the length of time before my screen locks after inactivity but unlike iPhones, it does not seem to allow you to extend this period beyond ten minutes.


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Thank you - I will give this a try and hope it works!  Your help is much appreciated.

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