Samsung Note 8 problem!

Samsung Note 8 problem!

Hey there! Hopefully someone can shed light on this as I've got no where else to turn! My problem is this.

I watched prime video downloaded videos on my way to work in the mornings (about 40 mins)

When I close prime videos and open Spotify it just shows a dark screen with just my navigation button showing. It then displays a message saying "Spotify isnt responding". I also then find my YouTube app & prime video won't open.

I close all the apps, clear cache and force close them. The only way I get it back up and running is my restarting the phone which I end up doing 2-3 times a day! Samsung have flashed the Phone, also replaced the motherboard but still no joy!

Has anyone else experienced this? Samsung are saying the phone is fine and must be a app issue???

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