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Samsung S7 Edge Digital pinging noise via Bluetooth in car

Samsung S7 Edge Digital pinging noise via Bluetooth in car

So I Have been using spottify via bluetooth in my car for quite a while now. It was working perfectly untill probably 2 or 3 updates ago for the phones software.


Now when it connects it might play for a few seconds or not at all, then all that comes through the car speakers is an ear tearing near eye watering digital pinging noise. If the noise is left playing it occasionaly will play a second of music at rapid speed then go straight back to the dreadded pinging noise.


I have tried 

- Clean install of spotify multiple times on my phone removing any cached data etc. 

- tried using just streaming also downloaded songs at various quality.

- turning wifi off on my S7 Edge (apparently a fix i found in the depths of google- it did    not work)

- checked for firmware updates for my car stereo AVH-5650bt there is none

- with car running or just with the stereo on.

- deactivating Google Play Music.

- sitting my phone at varying distances from the car headunit (no change)


Any help greatly appreciated as I will have to unsub if i can t find a fix 8( as my intended use for it was in car audio.

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So in the end, it turned out that the phone must have devolped a fault, as various other issues started to arise with the phone as time went by and the phone was replaced under warranty. It is working as it should again.

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