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Samsung S7 Issue w/ metadata and control using Bluetooth

Samsung S7 Issue w/ metadata and control using Bluetooth


I've just bought a Samsung galaxy s7 and for my sadness I discovered that my favorite app, spotify, doesn't work fine with the greatest concurrent of iPhone nowadays.. hard to accept! I used to use a Moto X connected via Bluetooth with my car (pioneer multimedia) and never had any relevant issue. But with S7 it simply doesn't show the metadata as album and song name, and worst, it doesn't respond to my quick controls on the steering wheel neither in the multimedia panel. Searching on the internet my deception got complete when I found discussions from months and months ago about this issue with a lot of smartphone models using Nougat and even older android versions, and seems that spotify don't care too much about it. Already tried some options to fix it but no one have worked.. I just expect someone from spotify support can give a clarifying answer to this topic explaining what happens, and please don't blame incompatibility issues of one of the most famous car audio manufacturers neither Samsung.. it's crazy that something so simple doesn't work between the most famous streaming app and a currently top rated android smartphone.. disapointed.
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It's really dissapointing. I've had the same issue since January 2017. I have a 2017  Subaru XV (crosstrek on US market) My S7 edge only streams the title and artist of the first song upon connecting spotify, and that remains stuck on screen independently if I change the song via spotify app on phone screen or multimedia buttons on steering wheel. I've tested other phones (iphone, motorola droid turbo, lg G6 and even a xiaomi) and they all work seamlessly.  Other apps on S7 work flawlessly, so its clearly an in-app issue. It's really annoying as I use waze a lot and it now has a sort of spotify plug-in which works really well by the way, except for the metadata issue. PLEASE spotify solve this issue as it is clearly a software bug and also Samsung S7 is still one of the flagships phones around the world. It seems a lot of people are having the same problem independent of car brand and audio system. 

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