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Samsung Tab 2 7.0 Android 4.0 Crashed instantly and always offline modus..

Samsung Tab 2 7.0 Android 4.0 Crashed instantly and always offline modus..

Does anyobne have spotify on the new Tab 2 7.0 with andoird 4.0?.


It is always AGAIN in offline modus and crashes all the time.


I used both versions again terrible. 


Please help...

Need music for holiday..:D. 

11 Replies

By both versions, I assume you mean both the Preview version and the one from Google Play?
Airhorn Enthusiast



I found the new one not wrking nice. I like the view of the old one. 


But both is nog working....unfortunally. 



Hmm. Is it a Wi-Fi only device or does it have 3G as well?
Airhorn Enthusiast

Wifi only.


After a lot of emails with my old Tab 8.9 wifi only it was working. 


I do not want to reinstall every device again takes a lot of time to reinstall all playlists again. 


I bought this one because of the SD card I can put into this one. 


From other threads on this forum, it seems that you might need to download an IMEI widget for your device. For some reason, this should make Spotify work on your tablet!
Airhorn Enthusiast

Oke can you give me the thread?.



Try right here.

Airhorn Enthusiast

I don't believe that widget actually ever existed - I never saw a link to it. A short-lived false hope to get the app working on wifi-only devices. The only fix needs to come from Spotify itself it appears
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

That is a topic and NO solution.....



I do apologise, I had gathered that someone had tried it. Although I couldn't find any mention of a specific application...
Airhorn Enthusiast

Sorry but this is have such a big company. 


Please find a solution for a users of spotify?. Sit together and solve....


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