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Save my mixtape offline request

Save my mixtape offline request


I find it is a big minus, that I cannot save My Mixtape playlists offline, it makes Spotify almost useless, because my internet connection outside is limited and the main reason I bought Spotify premium is for outside use.



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Hello @amaru7,


What do you mean by mixtape. Are you talking about daily mixes? The reason these can't be downloaded is because they are endless. The more you listen to them the more songs appear. You are however able to download your Discover Weekly playlist because this is a set amount of songs.


Hope this makes it more understandable.


If this is your solution please mark it as such.

Yes I mean my mixes and, they are not generally endless. A generated playlist at a certain time has a certain amount of tracks (20-30) saving or downloading as it is at the moment wouldn't be too hard to realize. Or even exporting all songs to an external playlist to download, but that also is only possbile one by one, a pretty useless method.


That request has been made many times and it is all over the place, if you search the internet. And that has a reason. The generated playlists are really good and I, like many other users aswell like to have it online to be able to listen to it outside.

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