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Tinder - Top Artists not showing

Tinder - Top Artists not showing


So, I've connected with Spotify through Tinder but I can't seem to get it to work properly.


1. My anthem. I'm not allowed to pick any song I want from Spotify. Complete albums fail to show up when I search (and yes, triple-checked spelling and what-have-you), even if they show up in the Spotify client.


2. My top artists. Tinder claims I have zero top artists, so I can't pick any. I'm told to go listen to more songs and come back later. I've used Spotify since it first launched, though, so that's odd. I didn't have any "share activity" type of options checked in the client before connecting with Tinder, but I have since enabled everything, restarted and logged back in to both apps, and refreshed the top artists page. Still nothing.


Browsing through my Tinder suggestions, I can see other locals with Top Artists enabled so it can't be a regional thing. What gives? Anything else I can try?




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Same issue with me, no 'top artists' of mine showing on my Tinder access with Spotify.

I have the same issue- super annoying. Did you ever find a solution?

Still nothing.


Do you have Spotify on your phone? I don't see why it should matter, as the account is connected anyway, but it's the only other thing I can think of. Unless they're phasing in the function with just some users at a time.


Yes I have it on my phone. Actually I got it work and my top spotify artists are now showing. I just listened to the same artist and only their music for like an hour maybe and then it showed pop up.

So it doesn't automatically put your top artists that you have on Spotify? Mine connects but nothing shows up...

At least you're able to link it. When I attempt to link tinder to Spotify it just goes to a blank white screen and then nothing happens. After a few minutes it sends me back to me edit profile page.

At least you're able to link it. When I attempt to link tinder to Spotify it just goes to a blank white screen and then nothing happens. After a few minutes it sends me back to me edit profile page.


disconnect and then reconnect your spotify from tinder. worked 4 me

ok so i had this problem and i just fixed it. what worked for me is i went to edit info (not to settings) and clicked on top artists and saw it hadn't updated for months so i just pulled down on the screen so it could refresh and it pulled up my artists

Still doesn't work for me.


I've tried updating, as you mention; I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the Spotify link; I've tried listening to the same song for several hours as someone else mentioned; I've listened to Spotify both on PC and phone; and even deleted and reinstalled Tinder completely. I don't get it.


Could it be an Android version issue, somehow? I have an older version (4.3), but since it does connect that seems unlikely.

it could be an android issue since i'm apple, but that would be a bit strange if so. hope you figure it out soon.

Still no solution to this problem? Done all the aforementioned tips on how to solve this and no luck as of yet. 


I reset my phone to factory settings and only then it worked lol

Today it works.

I did quite a few things before finding that out, so I'll note all my steps - perhaps someone else can go backwards and figure out what the crucial step is.


1. Noticed I have a Spotify app on Facebook. Visibility was set to "Just me", so I changed it to "Public". 

2. I went into my Spotify settings and enabled "Publish my activity on Spotify" and "Show my current top artists". These had been disabled AFTER trying everything previously mentioned in this thread.

3. I opened Tinder and went to the Spotify section. I clicked on "Add Spotify to your profile" (again, for the umpteenth time), and TA-DAA: this time I was asked to download the Spotify app or log into my Spotify account.


As soon as I had logged in to Spotify from within Tinder, all my top artists showed up!


I don't know if this is the result of any of the above steps taken or the latest Tinder version. Try updating to the latest version and then add Spotify to Tinder again and see if that's all it takes. Good luck!

Hi there!

Please someone can tell me how do i disconnect my spotify from tinder? i do not want to have anthem or to show my list. I cannot find any helpful information, I'm in panic!


Go to the "Edit profile" page, scroll down to your anthem, click on your
anthem, and then select the top-most option "I don't want an anthem". Gone!

For the top songs list, open the song list and simply deselect all songs.

Reply to: kasnug


Wha?? This actually worked!

Thank you!

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