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Save state after restart

Save state after restart

I noticed that on iPhone, the spotify app seems to remember, pretty much always the last song I played. But not on Android, when I quit the app, and the OS eventually reaps the application, Spotify will forget where it was in my playlist.  It would be nice if it would it remember some more state information have a restart. It does do some, like it remembers I choose shuffle.  It's kind of annoying when I'm listening, then get out of the app for a bit to do something else, or answer a call, and when I go back I'll have to log into the application again and it will forget what playlist I was in and where it was. 

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yep, remembering the playlist position and shuffle/repeat state are common requests and have featured several times in the preview app thread:

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

For me, this bug is the biggest one. I can't understand how a music player without a resume feature can even be distributed ...

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