Screen stays black


Screen stays black


Ive got the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I've uninstalled and reinstalled

Everything's updated

No viruses found


When I try to open the Spotify app it does nothing.screen goes blank; my home and back buttons are there and sometimes I'm able to see the "HOME - BROWSE - SEARCH - etc..." But I can't interact with it. Then shortly after (0:30 - 1:30) it says Spotify has stopped working "Close, wait, etc."


What should I do?


The only thing that's any different recently is that I've been traveling in Europe. But I've been here 2.5 weeks and it's just now not working.




Update, 20 minutes ago I got an alert that I need to update my phone. I had checked for that before but it said it was up to date.

Anyway, now it's working... **bleep**

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Re: Screen stays black

Casual Listener

Having same issue.  Have updated everything but can't get it to work.  Any help?