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Search button in main menu missing in newest Android update (

Search button in main menu missing in newest Android update (

Yesterday my Samsung Galaxy S3 automatically updated my Spotify app to the latest update. Much to my horror, the "Search" button in the slideout menu is gone. I searched the app up and down and could not find any way to search. So I resorted to going through the troubleshooting steps of uninstalling the app and shutting off my phone, but it didn't fix anything. Sometimes when spotify is open and my phone sleeps, I unlock the screen and immediately press the menu button and the search button appears. However it disappears after 2 seconds. Is there any way I can fix this, or is it a bug in the code? Please help!


UPDATE: I found out that when I press slightly above the "Browse" button in the main slideout menu in just the right spot, it will go to the search function. It appears that the developers just need to bring down the search button 40 or so pixels because the way it positioned right now makes it invisible for those who don't know it's there.

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Thank you, I found it because of you. This Android app is terrible. They really should hire decent programmers. I'm thinking of switching to Google for music service. I'll gladly pay for quality over what this app gives.

P.S.: PS4 Spotify may be free, but for the love of God, make it user-friendly instead of the mess it is. Won't turn anyone into a paying customer that way.

Same here, it is **bleep**ing annoying.

I've restarted phone and app, and when I first open it Search is there, but if I browse around a little bit Search just disappears.

You should really fix this right now.

I don't even get why there is no support chat or some other official way (at least for paying customers), community support is BS when you have a real problem.

I can't get it by tapping above browse or any other way.  I an on an Alcatel Pop 7 tablet.  This is horrible.  Last time I had a problem, removing app & resubscribing fixed it.  I gather this won't work for this?

If you go to, you can search; your result will come up on the Spotify app itself.  So far I have only tried this by artist, for which it works.


A very cumbersome workaround for those of us who can't find that invisible sweet spot above "browse". A lot of stuff that works on more expensive Androids just doesn't work easily or at all on the Alcatel Pop 7.

Having the same problem with all our Samsung devices but not Sony experia. Anyone had any contact from Spotify about this problem and when it will be rectified. The app is also really slow since the last update. This is making me consider cancelling and moving to Play.

It's the same with my Nook tablet. I'm so close to switching to google music, it isn't even funny. Only thing keeping me on my formerly beloved spotify is it would take too much effort to rebuild my playlists.

I found this problem with the new update, absolute nightmare. Thank you so much to original post for pointing out this workaround. This really has to be fixedand fast, it's irrational to offer such a product to so many people as use this and have a bug that totally cripples your ability to use said product.

I see from other posts I am not alone, but that doesn't ease the frustration of only being able to access the search function on the latest release on a very intermittment basis. More often than not it's simply not there. A bad bug on a great app that needs to be fixed quickly please.

Can confirm same problem with my Samsung Galaxy tab 8.9 LTE. Can't find search function by clicking near Browse. 


Works fine on Nexus 5 and Sony Xperia Z3.

I just updated to the latest version, and now the search function is back on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE! 🙂

Turn off screen rotation and it will show the search option. Obvious bug in Spotify app.

Oh and you have to restart the app as well.

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