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Search doesn't work on my Android and never has!

Search doesn't work on my Android and never has!

I've been a Premium user for over a year and yeah I should've asked earlier but...

I have NEVER been able to use the search function from my mobile. I thought it was my old phone (SGS1-old!) but after I installed it on my new Galaxy 4, it still doesn't work. There's no search button to hit after typing in my query. I'm at a loss, I can only find new music by adding recommendations and that's idiotic. This has been going on for a LONG TIME! I would think installing it to my new phone would be a fresh install, I also thought the latest update world fix it. Now I'm asking you to help fix it. Arghhh-so annoying since I pay $10/month for this. 

(Yes I can search on my computer but my son co-opted it. He doesn't use Spotify so that's not the issue, and he didn't delete the program.) Help! Thanks for your prompt reply!

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When you finish typing your search, just hit the return key (which has probably been replaced by the search icon) on the virtual keyboard.

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