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Search function wont work

Search function wont work

I live in Australia and I encountered the problem on my Samsung Galaxy A3.  I am using spotify free.  When I try to use the search function, it takes a while to load, then eventually a message pops up saying: 'No internet connection' even when I do have one.  When this message pops up I can still play music though, so Spotify is definately using the internet connection, whether it is wifi or mobile data.  And also, no album art shows up at all, but I'm not sure if that has any relation to the problem.  I have already tried reinstalling the app countless times, and I've tried to get it off different app stores (such as uptodown, apkpure etc).  However if I use spotify on my computer it works perfectly fine.


If anyone knows a solution, i would really appreciate it if they share the information with me.  Thanks!


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Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @Imdaman021!


Are you experiencing this issue at all times, or is it only on certain WiFi networks or specific data connectivities such as LTE or 4G?


Let me know!

I am experiencing it on all networks. Not once since i first installed the app has it worked at all

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