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Search history on Andriod

Search history on Andriod

After the last update on the android app, the history disappeared and what I have searched on after the update is not being saved in the history. So no history at all, is this a bug or is the new version like this? Really want my search history

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Google search is your friend. This site converts spotify playlists to Deezer. 

If you search for alternatives and reside in Scandinavia, i can recommend WiMP. They have tied a lot of labels to them, especially focused on scandinavian artists. I tried it for a month and it was more than OK. Their program for Windows is based on Adobe Air, which sucks, but it works. Their app for Android is more than OK. I quit because i still thought Spotify was the better alternative, but now I'm not as sure anymore. You all know why...

Oh, by the way. I can confirm that the search history is NOT back in the version, released January 23.


Thank you !


So I know where to go if the seach history don't come back soon 😛


bump. this is not just a convenience issue. I use spotify in my car. at one point, I could type a letter or two and get suggestions based on my history. now I have to type a full artists name. it's ridiculous. this would be so easy to fix.

Spotify. You can fix this. It's literally less than two lines of code. You can't ignore your customers, or your customers will go elsewhere.

I reverted to an older version of spotify to get my history back. I won't update until this is fixed.

I know all of you are missing search history too.

@ph34rx Only what's already in the main thread on this. Merging your post there.

This is a huge issue!!!! Serously, why isn't this working? Is it a bug? has it been removed?

I shouldn't have to type a full band name in if I listen to the same 5 bands everyday. What's the deal. The worst part is the app used to have search history and now it's gone.

It's so much easier to type a few letters and select an artist from your search history than type it out every time.

SPOTIFY!!!!!! FIX THIS!!!!!!

I'm glad you're all as annoyed as me, I hope more people continue to post if they're affected by this. The bad news is, Spotify already knows this is a massive inconvenience with an easy fix and has for MONTHS. So don't expect anything any time soon. Continue to sample other apps and let us know how they are!


I have thus far avoided bumping this thread with consecutive posts, but am going to do so now, because we're STILL without any sort of update and I want others to see this thread to let Spotify know their concerns over this issue. If we forget about it, so will they...


Installed new update yesterday. Still no search history. I have now cancelled my subscription I have had for two years or so. The 13:th of february I'm leaving for WiMP. 

Maybe, one day, an update will REALLY fix this "bug-or-not" issue... 


They make 100 updates per day but it's like it doesn't change anything. For example, I've still problems with the status bar which sometimes disappear, album cover that don't change when I skip for another one... Now, the fix of the search history will be like the cherry on the cake...


They obviously care about search history just look at their desktop app (newest version, dark) has it and it's awesome! So spotify fix it on your mobile app!!!

I'll be canceling my premium account until the devs stop being so negligent to android users. Why is the ios app significantly better, but my top teir android device is running what functions like beta software?

I wish I could find a good alternative in the U.S. Doesn't seem like we have a bunch of options. Please, continue to comment on other services and if you've canceled because of this. Spotify service is a joke for continuing to ignore it. As soon as I can find a good alternative, I'll quit. 


I had a friend ask me last week about signing up for Spotify because I always used to tell him it was awesome. I've told him to hold off. Even if Spotify fixes this, I think they've done irreparable brand harm for me. I told him to wait for better services.




Seriously, there are 8 pages of comments here. This is such a simple and critical feature. Can we please get any sort of response?


Look, here's the deal. I use Spotifiy in my car. When I'm at  a redlight and I have a few seconds to type in an artist name, it is tremendously frustrating to need to type in the full name of the same 20 or so artists I listen to over and over again.


It's additionally frustrating that the auto complete was previously available but has been removed with no explanation.


Now you've got a whole bunch of Android users clamoring in the forums for a response and we get nothing


This is a legitimate request.

Come on. At least give us some sort of acknowledgement here. This is ridiculous.

Bear in mind that this isn't an official support channel and you should use the contact form for that.


The 8 pages of comments breaks down into 22 users actually posting here by the way. I'm not trying to trivialise the issue and yes, it is frustrating but just trying to put it into perspective 🙂

I know. You're right. I went ahead and sent a message. We'll see what they say.

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