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'Search' option disappeared after upgrade

'Search' option disappeared after upgrade



Subject basically is my question: couple of weeks ago i had an update for Spotify that downloaded automatically on my phone.

After that, the 'search' option in the menu was gone, all the other options are still working fine and all, but I miss this search option so much - without it i can only listen to the music I already listened to a thousand times...


So, does anyone know why this is and how i can get this option back? Already tried the obvious, like restarting my phone and uninstall and install the app again. Not a pro in this stuff so pleaaase help me out!


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The same has happened to me. Really hoping for a solution.

I habe the same issue. Not possibility to search any Songs. Where should bei the search field, just "spotify" appears without beeing able to write.

Hello same boring issue for me but sometime (erratic) the search option is available again

Hope for a quick improvement

Got an email back from the Spotify customer service!

Hi ***,

Thanks for your message. 

We are aware of an issue where some Android users can't see the Search Bar. This is now fixed but we are waiting the new version of the app to be approved by Google before customers will receive the fix.

In case you have any other questions, feel free to ask them.

Have a good day,


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