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Search within playlist


Hello Spotify!  First of all - I absolutely love the service.  I have been a premium member for several months and it is worth every penny.  Not only do I feel like I am supporting the artists but having an all you can eat buffet of music is fantastic.


I have been using Spotify Mobile on my ipod Touch since I started using the service a few months ago.  It was awesome as I like to listen to my library on random and would just click on my playlist and then click the shuffle button and it would start it up on shuffle.  I also enjoyed the ability to search within my library to play a certain song that I was in the mood for.  Just a few days ago I got wireless phone service and got the Samsung Galaxy SIII that has the Android OS.  I downloaded Spotify Mobile on it and it works well but there appear to be a few things that it lacks that the ipod touch version had.  The track count on my library is wrong - it shows there are more tracks than there really are.  Also there is no shuffle button until you actually begin playing a song then you can begin shuffling from there - this is not really an issue but an initial shuffle button would be nice when you want your first song to be random.  The biggest feature that I really miss from the ipod touch is the ability to search within my library when there is a certain song I want to listen to.  I realize that you can still search the entire spotify database for the song and listen to it that way but I set spotify to play offline when I am out and about so I won't use up my data and thus it has nothing to search for when offline.  I have 870 songs in my library and since they are only categorized by the date at which I added the song, there really is no way to play that certain song you want to play unless you somehow scroll through the library and happen to see it.  I hope this does not come across as complaining, as I love Spotify and am very appreciate of the service it's providing.  I just wanted it to be made aware of the few major things that it lacks on Android that I had on iPod Touch.  Android is becoming the most popular mobile operating system now as well.  Thank you again for your wonderful service and hopefully we'll see the Android app get the missing features that ipod Touch and iPhone has.  

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Hi there. Pretty sure this has been raised in the ideas forum - if you see it in there add some kudos - the more it has the more likely spotify will develop it. Cheers
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