Searching a song in the filter messes the whole queue

Searching a song in the filter messes the whole queue


So I'm listening to a playlist in shuffle and I want to add a song to the queue/play next so I type in the filter "cold", it appears all the songs with the word cold, right? So I add the song I wanted and DELETE the word from the filter but when I go check the queue, only the songs with the word "cold" are in it, even if I deleted it from the filter, is this normal?

My phone is LG Volt.

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Have the exact same problem, very annoying. Even if you CLEAR the filter the queue has been changed to only include filtered songs. You have to reshuffle the whole playlist to correct it.


I also have this problem, but on my Mac.

If I use the filter to find a song to queue or start playing, then my queue eventually only has songs matching that filter.

When I look at the queue just after adding a song when the filter is on, it looks all normal. But after listening for a while, all songs in the queue matches the filter 


Im running Spotify on Mac Os 10.12.4 (16E195)


I have this same issue, but only on my iPhone 7 Plus. The other device I use Spotify on is my PC, but when you clear the filter after selecting a song it will play the entire playlist like normal, whether shuffled or not. That's not the case with my iPhone as even when you clear the filter, the queue will still only play songs with that filter. The only way around it that I've know of is to play a random song from the desired playlist first, enter whichever filter you want, and then queue the song(s) you want instead. The filter only sticks around if you play a song rather than queue it. It's still troublesome though because if you do by chance want the filter to remain in order for Spotify to play a number of songs by a certain artist for instance, you can't just remove the filter once you're done but have to select a random song from the playlist in order to remove it.

I hope this can be fixed soon because it's a very annoying issue and takes away from users' ability to choose how their music is selected.

Spotify Version
iOS Version 10.3.1


Having the same problem. On Android and the Linux Desktop client.


**bump** My issue (submitted as an idea) is similar in nature. Only I assumed that this happend because of "Add to Queue", but I guess just typing in the filter field already messes up things.


Title: Unable to choose which song I want to play first when playing from my "Songs".


Can't use filter field, because that ends up only playing that one song that I filtered by over and over. This is function by design.


So logically I start by playing an initial list (this is my "base playlist" as you will) and then search and add a specific song using "Add to Queue". This also does not work and results in the one single song being played over and over until I loose all enjoyment of the song 😛

I believe this is not by design and can be considered a bug.


So this is what I do:
I start playing from "Songs". When I check the queue, I see that it contains all songs from my "Songs". This is my intention because my end goal is that I want to listen to all my favorite songs.
Then I return to the "Songs" view and search for a specific song using the filter field. I find the one song from which I want to kick off from, this is my immediate goal. I add this song with "Add to Queue". Then I press play next.


Expected result:
The specific song I searched for starts playing. After it finishes it continues with the rest of the songs from my "Songs".


Actual result:
Somehow the "Add to Queue" action of the one specific song I found, replaced my whole existing queue. This one song starts playing over and over.


Temporary workaround:
Search for a specific song using the global search.


Does not work for people:
People who discover new music through Spotify and do not know both the full artist name and song title ("I just know that its in my 'Songs' list, so if I find something there, it is probably what I'm searching for").


There is currently no user friendly way to start playing the song which you currently have in your head (but don't know the exact artist name and title to) and continue playing your favorite songs.


Related specs:
Brand+model: OnePlus One
Android version: 6.0.1
Spotify version: armV7



I have the same problem..

The only workarround I found is to search for a song in global search but this isn't userfriendly.. I have this bug since one year on different devices.

Device: OnePlus One & OnePlus 5

Android: 5 - 8


I just found what seems to be the only solution. You have to delete the filter and then put the cursor in the filter search bar and without typing anything hit enter. This creates a filter containing the whole playlist and reverts your up next to what it was before you filtered and added to the queue.

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