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Selected songs for Queue get deselected when you scroll past them.

Selected songs for Queue get deselected when you scroll past them.

So one of the best features of Spotify for me was the queue, I used to be able to shuffle and then select indivdidual songs, press "Add to Queue" and then all the songs I selected would then play next.


Starting last week suddenly that feature is glictching out pretty annoyingly. Now when you select a song and then scroll down the song suddenly gets deselected and you have to scroll back up and reselect the song. Now instead of just selecting all the songs I want to add to queue and adding them with one press of the button I have to press add to queue every time I select a song becuase if I scroll away from the selected song it gets deselected.


Anyone else experiencing this?  

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Hi @JoeF8577, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Try reinstalling the app and see if you're still experiencing the same issue. Here's how.


If you’re getting any error messages, make sure to take a screenshot and send it over. It’ll be super helpful.


Keep us posted.

Same issue here. Reinstalled the app and it still has the same behaviour.

I added a .gif in the attachment to visualize the bug.



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Very annoying bug, reinstall did nothing for me.

Please fix this

I'm having the same issue on Android. Super annoying. Hope they fix this soon.

Still having this issue. and Reinstalling did nothing.

I had the same issue, contacted support, the agent then contacted a specialist, and I was advised to create a new account, despite the problem persisting on multiple devices and on a test account. Accidentally closed the chat before it was fully resolved though, because I'm an idiot.

What device do you have? I wonder if it's just an Android issue... Typical.

Looks like they fixed this problem in a recent update. I'm not having the problem anymore! Thanks spotify!

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