Send Button grayed out

Send Button grayed out



I have tried searching for this but I can't find any threads on this subject. My issue is when I try to send a track to any of my friends on Spotify via my mobile app the send button is grayed out. It was fine until the latest update. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 4 with 4.2 Jelly Bean OS I can send tracks fine via my laptop. Please help. Thank you 🙂 XxX

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I am also having the same problem since last updating the app. It definitely worked before the update, now I can no longer send recommendations from the mobile app, only from desktop and web players.

I'm on a Sony Xperia U with Android 2.3.7.


Some people have reported not being able to share with non-facebook friends. Are you trying to share music with spotify friends? Are you following them?


I have the same problem with my android app. I cannot chose any spotify contacts and therefore the "send" Button is disabled. This problem only appears with the android app. Via Spotify on my windows Computer, I can choose spotify contacts and send messages without any problems.


Howdie Joe,

seems that it does not matter if facebook or spotify user. I tested it with both (and I'm following both).

I am plain spotify user on android and the button (for me never worked and) currently does not work on Galaxy S with 4.2.2 and also not on Nexus 7 (first gen) with 5.1.1. On both devices is version installed. 

I want to vote for this bug, because it's essential for spotify experience to share music on a comfortable way, even if I'm mobile and even if I'm 'only' a simple non-fb-user.

Thanks for support,


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