Setting phone to automatically download new selections from desktop...

Setting phone to automatically download new selections from desktop...






Samsung J3v

Operating System

Android Oreo + Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hi all,

I listen to spotify exclusively bluetoothing in my car or a remote speaker from my android Samsung J3v phone; However, I find and download new spotify content exclusively on my W10 pc desktop.


My question is, what settings or procedures should I be following with my phone such that as soon as I have selected new content on my desktop interface, my phone will automatically start downloading it on the home wi-fi connection?


Problem I'm trying to avoid: I download new content on desktop version, then jump in the car for a long drive, and find that none of the newly selected content has downloaded itself into my phone...


Is there a way to set the settings so this process pretty much happens automatically while in a preferred wi-fi zone (usually my home)? O do I need to go into my phone before leaving the house and select all my new music selections and for each album I have to slide the the 'Download' button to 'On'?? That's what I have been doing, but wondering if settings can be arranged so that once new selections are made in desktop version, phone version (while in preferred wi-fi zone) will automatically start downloading them, so that when I get into car later, while in 'Offline Mode' of course I already have all that new content downloaded into the phone and can bluetooth it into the car system.


Hope that's clear enough - any assistance will be greatly appreciated, thank you!!




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Hey @winrland, unfortunately download settings won't be synced across devices. Playlists, however, will. You can add the songs you want to listen to offline to a playlist (or multiple if you desire) and select the "download" option in your phone for those playlists. Then when you add music to these playlists from your desktop, they'll reflect and download the new songs onto your device the next time you open the Spotify app in a wifi network!



Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Was hoping for an easier option, but maybe time for me to start exploring 'playlists' (have been avoinding them for years...) - thank you again for your time and expertise.



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