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Settings has no option for Storage changes

Settings has no option for Storage changes



I want to be able to save my offline playlist data to my SD card, but the option just doesnt appear in the settings menu.


I have the latest version of spotify, I've cleared the data and reinstalled the app but nothing helps.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi. Is this post at all relevant to your situation?

right so i need to unchange my adoptable storage?


I'd recommend it but its up to you.

that half fixed the problem, the storage option is now available but theres now an error message saying "we couldnt move your data" but i think i saw a different thread about this topic, ill try find it 


You may just need to give the app permission to access the sd card in android settings/application manager?

yeah i messed around with a few things and got it working.. thanks so much for your help and speed of reply! I owe u a beer one 😉

Awesome - enjoy your music 🙂

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