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Share to messenger

I've been having difficulties with sharing to facebook messenger, whenever I choose a track, click share and pick messenger and send it to a friend, it just keeps on loading it and in about 10-30 minutes says the messange was not sent, I've tried reinstalling spotify and messenger, still can't share. The problem started happening a few weeks ago just out of the blue without doing any updates or anything.

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Are you able to send other media via messenger without similar problems?

Yes. Pictures, videos etc.

Can you post what semantic version of the app you are using?

Under about it says 5.8.0. 1029 armV7, or did you mean something else?

And your messenger app is current I'm assuming as well as you've said that you have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Are you using a Samsung per chance?

Galaxy s6 yes. A friend of mine has the same phone, same app version and can share fine.

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