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Shuffle After Searched for Songs

Shuffle After Searched for Songs

Plan: Premium

Country: UK



Galaxy S7

Operating System :Android Oreo, 


My Question or Issue

 My issue is regarding the shuffle function not working. If im in my playlist and i proceed to "find/search" for all my linkin park songs within the playlist and then hit shuffle. It shuffles ALL of the playlist rather than shuffling the linkin park songs that i have just searched for. Any help for this. 

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Hi Jwedgee,


Are your Linkin Park songs the only songs in said playlist?  If not, I would recommend creating a playlist solely out of your Linkin Park songs.  A playlist full of various songs and artists will shuffle all of the music no matter which songs you search to play.


If this doesn't work or doesn't completely answer/solve your problem, please contact Spotify for further help.


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