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Shuffle Play All Songs

Shuffle Play All Songs

Hi, I have folders within folders and I like to go to the top folder and select All Songs and then play shuffle. However, lately I am not seeing all the songs, just partial listing. It seems like so latency on data loading. 


Any hacks to open the pipe and get the rest?

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When you say folders within folders, what exactly do you mean? I have Spotify for Android and I'm not sure what you mean by folders. Maybe some more clarification could help?

Sure - on the desktop app you can create a folder to keep play lists in. In my case, i have several folders with playlists in each. I then have a top level folder that those folders sit in. In Android when you select the top most folder you can select All Songs. At times, when I do that I get the full list of all songs. At other times I only get some. It seems fairly random.

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