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Shuffle Play doubles songs in Queue

Shuffle Play doubles songs in Queue






Samsung Galaxy 8

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


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Using "Shuffle Play" from an artist's profile results in a shuffled playlist featuring doubles of each song. 


Within the last month, using Spotify has become extremely frustrating.


The current version has eliminated the ability to search Songs in Your Library. The same update removed the ability to browse saved artists in Your Library to listen to their saved albums. Now the Artist selection bring me to a band's page, which has to be loaded each time, instead of showing albums that I've saved and allowing me to visit their profile if I want more selection. 


Now when I go to an Artist's page and hit Shuffle Play, I get doubles of every song, played in pairs. The same song is repeated before playing the next song twice.


So now the best option is to scroll through Albums, and pick out one at a time. Not ideal for any drives that last longer than whatever album I have on. 

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