Shuffle feature

Shuffle feature

There are two options here. Either the shuffle feature is atrocious and this is a known fact, or it works slightly differently than a shuffle feature inherently would, and I simply haven't had it explained to me yet. Which is it?
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Spotify's shuffle feature does have a few oddities to it, but I'm not quite sure as to exactly what you are refering to. If you're willing to elaborate I could do a little bit more digging to see if I can perhaps respond to the problem better.

My shuffle doesn't turn off anymore. Pls help!

try following the advice in this thread.

Keep the party going! Please accept solutions if they helped with your question! I am not an official spotify representative, just another user trying to help out. 🙂

I'm talking about out of 1500 songs on my playlist, it will repeatedly play songs from the same artist, even when on shuffle. The shuffle feature clearly works differently from a shuffle feature usually does. It seems to shuffle based on what it thinks you want to hear. I don't want it to shuffle based on what I want to hear. If I put shuffle on, I want to hear what I don't know I want to hear.

Still looking for some insight on this.

I agree. Shuffle is not the best; however Spotify are aware that it needs improving and they are looking at ways of improving it.

Sometimes a clean install seems to help, but the main crux is that shuffle (especially when on large playlists, or on artists) is not the best!

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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They're looking? That's what I thought, so I held my tongue. But it's been like 4 years now. I've used Spotify since they were giving out beta passes to Americans and it's always been like this. I honestly would want to go to work for them just so I could fix this feature.

Is there anyone I could contact to discuss this further? This issue affects me daily. I've a degree in programming and I'd even be willing to do it for free. I would just need permission and whatnot.

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