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Shuffle on even when I disable it on my Liked songs

Shuffle on even when I disable it on my Liked songs






Samsung S9

Operating System

Android 8.0 Oreo

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I have shuffle disabled on my Liked Song playlist on all devices, but it seems that after a while listening to the songs, they play in a randomized way,even when I can clearly see the Shuffle button is off! When I look at my Play Queue, the order of the songs are also random. I tried erasing the order,and it works for a while...Only for this problem to happen again later.Does anybody have this issue as well,or know how to deal with it?



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Hey there @AStranger


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we'll be glad to help you out here.


Most common issues can be fixed with a quick reinstall of the app. In some situations however, a clean (more thorough) reinstall of the app might be needed. This way you can start afresh with Spotify on your mobile. 


Check out this help page in order to find the steps for clean reinstall on the affected device. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

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