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Shuffle play button missing

Shuffle play button missing

The missing shuffle play button has been troubling me since I updated my spotify to the most updated version, usually, its at the top of my playlist, now, I can find it nowhere, how could I play my playlist.   

Plus, after I click on the shuffle play button of the artist playlist, there is no response. 

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Hi. What device make and model are you using and what spotify version is shown at the bottom of the spotify settings screen? You're using free spotify?

I am using Song Xperia J and the version of Spotify is


Yes, im using free spotify, a friend of mine told me that actually all shuffle play button of playlists for free members have been removed and only radio is left. Yet, I can not even listen to radio, I was told that it is only for premium member in my region. But I am actually in Hong Kong which should be okay to listen to playlist or radio, and I tried that in Taiwan, not okay either. 

So, is the removal of shuffle play buttom true? But annother friend of mine who is also a free member can still play her playlists on mobile. 

Help ;(  This has been killing me. 

I doubt they removed the shuffle button as that's the only way free users can listen to playlists. Have you tried reinstalling spotify?

Did it for a thousand times 😞


It is what happens everytime I wanna play my playlists, I could find my shuffle button in nowhere 


Hmmm. Please use the online contact form and someone at Spotify will help get this sorted. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it to speed things along.

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