Shuffle play button won't disapear

Shuffle play button won't disapear

With the help of this awesome forum I was finally able to figure out how to play without shuffling my music lists. I am a premium user and unfortunately I have to dig into the album menu to find the repeat/shuffle toggle. The much more accessible play button is still a "shuffle play" button on my galaxy s3 and tablet. I that menu you can see upcoming songs. Oddly my tablet was fine until I upgraded.

Q: How do I get the shuffle play button to turn into a normal play button on my galaxy s3 and tablet?
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Not possible on Premium at the moment. It appears on all screens on Free as music can only be played in shuffle mode. However there is a request in the ideas section to add it to premium too. 


Thanks for letting me know. It seems like an obvious thing to address. I guess they have their rains but I don't understand them.

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