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Shuffle playlist on offline-mode

Shuffle playlist on offline-mode






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 I have a playlist of around 450 songs downloaded on my phone. While driving to work, i'm using offline-mode and want to listen to my playlist on shuffle-mode.

I recently noticed, that i'm skipping through a rather small part of this +450 songs. The songs i heard on the way to work, i hear again on the way back home - while only driving 20-30 minutes, that should not happen.

So today on my way back - same songs as this morning. So i looked which 3 songs were the first in line and skipped and skipped the next songs - all heard in the last few days, nothing new. Then i reached again the 3 songs i remebered as first 3 in line.

So now i want to know, why this happens. Is the offline-mode not able to continously generate a ongoing playlist of the whole playlist and is limited to a fracture of the playlist, expecting it to suffice?

I'm really anoyed by this behavior - i mean, my first MP3-Player (Archos Jukebox) was able to do better than this. So using a modern smartphone - this app should be able to generate a shuffled playlist of my whole playlist and i want to hear the first song in line, only after i heard/skipped the whole playlist.

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Shuffle has sucked for years, I'm pretty sure they don't care.

I left spotify for this reason. Used google play music, but that now being shutdown for YT music which is also garbage offline. I was hoping this issue had been resolved...guess I'll try amazon music...

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