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Size of songs?

Size of songs?

I have a question to ask more like a comparison.


Using spotify songs takes more storage than mp3? Or there is no difference between mp3 and spotify songs in the size?


If you were to compare a same song or something.

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Hey @TheUninvited,


Welcome to the Community!


To find more information, I'd recommend checking this support site article.


However, I found an old thread that provides the following information:

  • Quality 96 kbps → 0.72 MB per minute.
  • Quality 160 kbps →  1.2 MB per minute.
  • Quality 320 kbps → 2.4 MB per minute.

(It's not 100% accurate, but it can give you an idea about the average size of the songs.)


On another note, to install the Spotify app, keep in mind that you'll need a minimum amount of free space on your device. You can find this info for your device here


Further, if you're rocking Premium, you can also make songs available for offline use. For more info on that, head here


Hope this helps clarify things 🙂 

i have seen that post but i was still wondering about if there is any difference that's all.

Hi there,


Keep in mind that there's also this support site article with more info around managing your device's storage that you can check out.  🙂

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