Skip function not working on Huawei USB-C earphones


Skip function not working on Huawei USB-C earphones



I use the Huawei USB-C earphones (CM33 and CM-Q3 with ANC) with a Xiaomi Mi 8 but the "next song" function (by pressing Play / Pause twice) doesn't work on Spotify. It works on other music apps... I used other phones, the problem is also present. It works normally with jack 3.5mm earphones, why it doesn't work in USB-C?


I use the latest version of Spotify, I tried all the manipulations. Like setting up Google Assistant but it does not work. When I try to go to the next song, it pauses the song and then it resumes quickly.

The only solution is to stay on the Play / Pause button and tell Google Assistant "to go to the next music", and only after this step, the "Play / Pause" button works to go to the next music. But if I restart my phone or I leave the Spotify application, I have to redo this method.


It's really very problematic. Why is this problem still not resolved?