Skipping songs in an album or playlist

Skipping songs in an album or playlist

I've owned spotify Premium for a year, but just recently it will randomly skip a song in an album, even if I have the album downloaded offline. I can go back and play the song, but it is annoying to have to keep checking my phone to make sure I'm not skipping any songs in an album. It seems to be completely random. Is there any fix to this issue, or am I the only one experiencing this?
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Could you let us know what device, operating system and Spotify version you're using? Also, is this happening across all your devices?


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I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S4, Android Version 5.0.1, Spotify version I haven't had a chance to test the issue on my laptop or any other device. Thanks for the quick reply

I have also been experiencing this on my iPhone, iOS 10.2.1 and latest Spotify app version. Here's an example of what happens: Save new album & add to my offline playlist, play first song from new album via my playlist, song ends and skips rest of the album instead automatically playing the next song in the playlist that isn't from that album (yes, shuffle is turned off). As far as i'm aware this problem doesn't exist on my Windows 10 PC.

Update, ever since the update after the one where this glitch occured, I had no issues. UNTIL this new version, the same glitch came back. Now I am wondering, is there anything similar in these two updates, or maybe it is my phone?

I've got same issue. Sony phone running Android 7.0 and spotify version is arm V7


This has been occurring on my Nexus 5 running Spotify on Android 6.0.1 (October 2016 patch level) but I think it's occurred on a few versions prior to this too. Experienced the problem on Your Summer Rewind yesterday so it doesn't just occur on user-generated playlists. Haven't seen it occur on the Windows client.


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For the Android users in this thread having this issue, does restarting your device - including removing the battery for 30 seconds if possible - help at all?



For @kylered95 with an iPhone, is it an iPhone 6 or 7? We'll see what we can suggest.



Be sure to keep us in the loop 🙂


I tried the handset restart but when I turned my phone back on I had a spotify update to version

The issue appears to have been resolved but unsure whether the restart or the update did this.

Will update further if it happens again


I am having the same issue but on windows 10. The only way I found to fix it temporarily is to restart my computer. But after a while it does it again. Any permenant fix on this?


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