Skipping songs/not playing?

Skipping songs/not playing?

On both my PC (Windows 10 with everything up-to-date) and on my android phone I've been having a LOT of issues.


With my phone, songs will skip, pause or switch to weird songs that aren't even on my playlists (weird instrumentals by Zae Day?). On my PC, not only will it skip songs, not play or switch entirely, it will also switch to a different device. I usually can fix it by switching it back to my PC but it sometimes it won't work and I won't be able to play music at all until I sign out and log back in.


I've already uninstalled, reinstalled and logged out of all devices manually and via the spotify website and still have this issue. 


(Edit: I'm also a premium member)

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Same happend to me with the same artist.


I think the issue might be similar to the one mentioned here:


Revoked app access and reset passwords. Has worked so far for me.


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