Skipping track fails when connected to car via bluetooth

Skipping track fails when connected to car via bluetooth

When I play music on Spotify while connected to my car via bluetooth, music plays fine if I do not touch anything and let each song play til the end.


But let's say I have a playlist with songs 1, 2, and 3. I'm playing song 1 and hit "next" to skip to song 2. The app does load song 2, but the player is paused (i.e. does not start playing song 2 at all). At this point (while song 2 is paused and has not started playing) if I hit next again, song 3 loads and starts playing automatically.


I have tried reinstalling the app and also unparing/paring the phone with the car. This started occuring a couple updates ago. Currently I'm using Android 4.2 on Nexus 4, connected to my 2011 Mazda 3. The Spotify app version is


Does nobody else have this issue?

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Hi. Spotify doesn't officially support bluetooth streaming yet so the car controls not working correctly can happen. I'm not aware of any fixes but it might be worth checking out the manufacturer's site and forums.

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