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Slow Speed/Velocidad Lenta

Slow Speed/Velocidad Lenta

Hello, I'm having trouble downloading songs to my mobile devices iPod, Amazon Fire tablet and android phones. When I try to download my main library (1550+ songs) in extreme quality, it took literally ages for it to download. I know my speed is not an issue because I have a 150mbps connection on my place (20mb/s). I already tried at other places one of them with a 1gbps connection and still the download is slow.

I don't know which quality the desktop apps uses but on my desktop each song downloads at 2-3mbs, still slow but atleast its faster. Is there a way to fix this problem? Or am I stuck with slow speeds and 4-5 hour downloading time?


Hola, Tengo problemas para descargar canciones a los dispositivos móviles iPod, tablet Amazon Fire y teléfonos Android. Cuando intento descargar mi biblioteca principal (1550+ canciones) en calidad extrema, toma siglos para descargarlas. Sé que mi velocidad no es un problema porque tengo una conexión de 150mbps (20mb/s). Ya he probado en otros lugares uno de ellos con una conexión de 1gbps y sigue siendo lenta la descarga.
No sé en qué cálidad la app de computador descarga, pero, cada canción descarga a 2-3mbs, sigue siendo lento, pero al menos es más rápido. ¿Hay una manera de solucionar este problema? o ¿tendré que aguantarme 3-4 horas para que descargue mi libreria?

2 Replies

Hey @ockito!


Thanks for getting in touch with the Spotify Community. We'd like to help. 


Just to confirm, does the same happen if you try to download your songs in a different quality?


Also, we'd recommend trying to download your songs on a different device with the same internet connection.


Let us know if you have any questions. We'll be here for you. 



Hi, actually, i have the exact same problem, i have 100mbps but i can only download at 3mbps, in any quality just 3mbps, so it's a really long time to download all my songs. Since my phone has a download speed meter un the top, i can see that this only happens while downloading, but when you listen music by streaming, speed is normal...

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