Slow Spotify - Galaxy S4 CyanogenMod


Slow Spotify - Galaxy S4 CyanogenMod




Over the weekend I performed a updated to my galaxy s4 courtesy of samsung. Unfortunately this meant my phone randomly restarted so I've had to put a custom rom on it which is actually running really well a lot better than having Samsung's official OS on...HOWEVER!


Since then Spotify has been running really slow even playing one song while displaying another almost a minute into the song. Has anyone else had these issues?


The only difference is the android os, previously it was running well


EDIT: I missed the troubleshooting and template thread so I am currently working through that and will edit this once complete.

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Re: Slow Spotify - Galaxy S4 CyanogenMod

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yes Samsung put a shed load of bloatware on their devices, CM is a more 'truer' Android experience and should run a lot smother.


I know there were some issues (especailly with search on all platforms) in the last couple of days. Can you verify if you are still performing a performnce drop as I would fully expect runnig CM that you should find it the same, if not faster.

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