Slow startup and loading


Slow startup and loading

I am using an Htc m8 with kpn 4g (netherlands) and The app is really slow, loading The app sine Times Takes 3-4min. And playing The music another 3-4min.
I do have a lot of playlists and one with over 40hrs of music. I was wondering if thats The problem.

Its really anoyying. The program works fine on pc.

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Re: Slow startup and loading


Hey @Justkev are you still having this problem? Have you already given a clean reinstallation a try? That's what I would try first, let us know how that goes for you!

Re: Slow startup and loading

Gig Goer

Like @Justkev, I suspect the amount of playlists is the culprit. I've had this problem at least the last year, sporadically (it doesn't occur every time I start the app).


I've never hade the patience to wait 3-4 minutes for the GUI to fully appear (it initally just shows the top left drop-down-menu button, albeit a non-functional until the rest of the GUI shows up), so I've given up and backgrounded it after 10-15 seconds, which I consider the maximum pain threshold for a soft real time system (google it). Oftentimes after awhile when I try again, Spotify will respond in a more timely fashion, which I guess suggests that it meanwhile has cached thumbnails or "new releases" or playlist changes or whatever.