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Slow unresponsive android app!

Slow unresponsive android app!

Spotify is testing me.. The android app has been awful for over a month now. Slow, unresponsive and skipping music on 50gb WiFi.

Can someone at Spotify please take note. Fix it now or ill take my custom elsewhere.

Seriously.. Just fix it already!


A disgruntled 5 year premuim subscriber.

8 Replies

Amen to the above!


The android app is horrible... slow, unresponsive, laggy, buggy...


Looking like a deal breaker for me too!

I totally agree,

Android app is getting worse and they are not going to fix it. Same Problems on different phones. Premium user for years, but i guess i am going to switch to google services. It is the reason, i would not recommend spotify anymore.


Btw: Read the user reviews in google play store. Most of them report the poor app quality. 

But, better do nothing...


Last question: What are the updates for, when they don't fix any problems?

I second this, have had problems with lagg and unresponsive app on my android phone for a couple of months now, incredibly aggravating. Fix this Spotify, I cant use this app anymore, and the phone is my primary device for this app.

I had a very slow and unresponsive Spotify Android app too. And i had a very large library of albums, artists and songs.


After deleting my whole library the Android app is fast again, very fast!


So if you have a slow Android app, then try deleting as much as possible from your library first.


Hope this helps for you too!

Sorry, removing my library ist not a solution at all. In fact it is the
reason for streaming Services! I switched to Google Music, best decision.
The Google App Just works. I Liked spotify, bitte the App was unusable.

I connect every music streaming service, that i use, to my page That way i don't need local libraries on every platform and i'm not dependent on library limits or restrictions.

The same for me. The app go the slow after a month or two.
I have to reset it to have something responsive. It's not a long therm solution at all.

I think, I will change to an other app soon if nothing down to fix it

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