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Slowing down phone

Slowing down phone

Hi there,

Basically when i have spotify on my phone (Moto G 3rd Gen 1GB Ram 8GB Storage) my phone literally slows so much i can barely use it. Its absolutely awful. Once spotify is uninstalled my phone works fine and its fast again. Any ideas on how i can make this better?

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Sorry to hear you are having this issue. Here are some different things you can try:


I've already tried all that but to no avail 😞

Anyone has an answer? I have the same issue and it is really annoying!

It's most likely that 1 GB of RAM causing a bottleneck. Use a utility to see just how much/little is free. When the free RAM is low, android will start moving stuff to internal storage and back which really impacts performance.


I suggest using something like Ccleaner to free up Ram and you need to be careful with multitasking.

No, it's not. On my phone I have 4GB of RAM and having the same issue. When I start spotify, everything gets painfully slow.

Same here, phone becomes much slower when spotify is open. Funnily enough, the battery life is not affected.

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