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Smartphone Log In Process

Smartphone Log In Process

When will Spotify have an auto sign in abilty on Smartphones (Android).  Its very annoying and time consuming to have to keep trying to log in your vehicle when there are issues with playback, connections, etc.  This is the only streaming service that I have where I don't have a "save log in info" check box in the options. Why is this not available with Spotify?  What could be the reason when all other streaming services have it as a default setting?

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I've moved your topic over here in the help section since this sounds more like a bug.

Normally you only have to enter your information once and it logs you in automatically.


Which Android and Spotify version are you running? Maybe we can figure out what's going on. 😉

Are you manually logging out of Spotify, once you are logged in you shouldn't need to log in and out unless you want to change accounts.

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I am running Android Spotify version  With other streaming services, I log out/stop using the service so I don't have the service running all the time in the background.  But when I click the other streaming service icon on the Smartphone, I am auto logged in and start the main screen.  With Spotify when I log out, so I don't have the service running in the background/using bandwidth, I am logged out of Spotify, but when I click the icon to log in, I have to enter my username and password.  Very time consuming.  There is no check box anywhere on the main page or in the settings to "save log in info" anywhere?

So you keep Spotify running all the time, you never log out?



that's right. If you log out everytime, then you'll have to login when you want to use it next. I always leave it logged in.


Let the Android system worry about the processes, don't worry it'll make sure that the process is stopped if it needs to. One extra tip is to turn off notifications (in the settings screen) as this will stop that listener process.

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