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Some Local Songs are available, some aren't

Some Local Songs are available, some aren't

Hey Guys I've got a Problem. 

Some of my Local Files won't play on my Mobile Phone and i just added some new files to my playlist and my Phone immediatelly started to download them and they're available to play but some other aren't even if i add them again. Weird

Please Help me 

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So you mean that some of your local MP3 goes to Your Music and some not?

I have the same problem, it looks like if they are not recognized by soptify somehow, they will only stay on the playlists.

I also wanted to have all my local files on my Your Music

The super strange thing is that i can listen to them on PC but not on my Phone. :c



Make sure both your mobile device and computer are connected to the same Wireless Network and that your device appears under the "Devices" tab on Spotify on your Computer. If you're having trouble making the computer "see" the phone, try to link your devices using your phone's mobile hotspot feature.


Use this guide. It'll help you sync your local files correctly. There's a video here, too. It's a bit outdated but the idea is the same.



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