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Some help required .....'

Some help required .....'

I currently have an HTC Android smartphone.


Some issues;


Playlists cannot be alphabetized.  As I add albums and groups of songs to a playlist, they appear in the order they were acquired.  Its very tedious trying to find a particular song amongst 800-1000 other songs, when they cannot be placed in order.  Am I missing something or is this really something Spotify hasn't gotten around to?


My iTunes library on the Android system in Spotify:


Should I delete the iTunes library and simply reacquire those tracks via my Spotify Premium account? I'm upgrading soon to a Samsung Galaxy 3 or whatever the latest model is; which leads me to my next question...


....Spotify on the Android has gotten a lot better, but you still have to play a track all the way through once in order for that green circle with the downpointing arrow to appear.  Once that appears, and the track is downloaded, there is no more buffering issue, and the track will play offline, in a tunnel, in the seventh layer of hell...etc.  


Now, it takes a LONG time to download 6000 tracks, so when I transition to a new phone, am I going to have to drearily re 'play' all the tracks in order to get them downloaded? 


Are the tracks downloaded into Spotify only or onto my SD card? If its the SD card can I then have the entire library transferred onto the new device already downloaded?


I feel like Spotify is at once extremely revolutionary and amazing and at the same time so frustratingly backwards that I long for my Sony discman and its elegant simplicity.  Clearly I am an idiot and I need help.  

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