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Some of my music keeps unsaving

Some of my music keeps unsaving

So this is about the third or fourth time this has happened this week. I normally don't have my data on, so I normally just play through my saved music if I'm not home. Well the music keeps unsaving itself and I can't figure out why. I have an andriod phone if that helps to solve anything. It's becoming frustrating since I have around 3,000 songs. So saving them again takes a while. Would anyone know as to why music keeps unsaving?

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I do have the same issue and it is really frustrating.


Is this a common issue? Any idea how to fix it?



I noticed this with an album I had previously saved. The problem is I don't know how many or what songs are unsaving so I will probably never listen to them again 😞

Same here, and it's 2020.

Legit my favorite song unsaved, and as someone with memory problems it makes me genuinely sad to think that one day I might just forget that it exists.

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